Our Mission

Kawaii Satori aims to provide our customers with high quality products that positively reflects pop culture using unique anime art styles! Using premium materials, original art designs, and high-tech manufacturing, we have created pop-culture inspired collections that are comfortable and stylish for any occasion.

At Kawaii Satori, we are proud to share our love for all things anime with everyone around the world!


As a young child, I found myself entranced with the story of Clannad. This was my first introduction to anime, and it would ultimately begin a journey that exposed me to some of the highest regarded anime of all time. Anime and gaming played a huge role in my personal development, and I am so excited to share my passion with others around the world! What I love most is that anime allows me to showcase cultures by using a combination of captivating art styles and products.

After years of wanting to display my affinity for anime, I felt that there were a very limited number of brands that adequately captured the style I was looking for. I realized I was looking for a brand that celebrated the beauty of the art style and culture featured in anime, but I could hardly find anything I would be proud of wearing.

Now more than ever, anime is a global phenomenon that is enjoyed amongst all demographics. Artists and creators from around the world have begun to adopt anime's unique art style into their own work, creating incredible pieces of personal expression. I am proud to present Kawaii Satori as the premier anime apparel brand!